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Login Issues

How do I change my password? (direct link)

Once you are logged in you can change your password from the settings section.. A link to it is found in FetLife's header on the right hand side in the drop-down under your nickname. Click on your nickname, then on "Update Settings", then on the "Change Password" tab.

I forgot my password! What can I do? (direct link)

You can reset your password by going to our retrieve login information form and submitting your email address attached to your account. Once you do that we will send you an email with instructions on how you can reset your password.

Make sure you check your junk mail and spam filter because sometimes FetLife mail gets caught up in there. If that does not work for you don't hesitate to email support@fetlife.com.

I've already signed up to FetLife but I can't remember my nickname. (direct link)

If you remember the email address and password you used to sign-up to FetLife you can login using your email address instead of your nickname and you can just check out your profile to see what your nickname is.

If you can't remember your password follow the instructions to reset your password in the previous article above.

Why can't you just send me my password? (direct link)

We don't store passwords in plain text format like many sites do. All passwords are encrypted in the database that even the FetLife gods themselves cannot decipher. We do this because your security, and ours, is important to us!

What we can do is send you a temporary password to allow you to log in and change it yourself!  (We're all about the do-it-yourself thing - that's why John falls asleep with a bottle of lube in his hand...).  Send ua an email to support@fetlife.com.

I can't login and I don't have access to my email address associated to my profile. (direct link)

Send an email to support@fetlife.com with your nickname, old email address and we will see what kind of voodoo magic we can work for you. No promises though!

What is a good password? (direct link)

How do I create an easy to remember but hard to guess password?

Here are two possible ways:

  • http://xkcd.com/936/
  • Think of a sentence that means something to you and use the first letter of each word to create the password. Preserve punctuation, add in a number or special character, et voilà (that's Greek and means "oh, look, a shiny!").

Take for example "The big John Baku jumps over the lazy James Lennon at FetLife, eating two hotdogs" - you can convert it to "TbJBjotlJL@F,e2h". Complete gibberish, eh? But actually if you remember the sentence you can just recite it in your mind while you type your password (be careful that you don't say it out loud, though ;-) ). It doesn't have to be as long as this example, but should have at least 8 characters.

Oh, and under penalty of non-consensual spankings: DON'T use one of the above example passwords, or any example password from any website!

After I enter my info, the page just refreshes (direct link)
If you have entered your nickname and password correctly but after clicking submit it just refreshes the page as if nothing happened, you probably have a problem with cookies. 

Open up your browser settings and:
-Enable or allow cookies
-Turn off any browser extensions or plugins which might be affecting cookies
I keep getting an error (direct link)
If you are sure that your name and password are correct but you keep getting an error message saying that your name or password is wrong... Make sure you have javascript enabled.

Go into your browser settings and:
-Enable javascript
-Disable any plugins or extensions that might be interfering with javascript

After you fail to login a few times there will be a CAPCHA box to fill in below your password but without javascript it might not work properly. That means you will not see it at all even though the system still expects you to fill it out.

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