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How do I upload a picture to my profile? (direct link)

Easy-peasy! Click on your nickname at the top of the page (towards the right hand side to bring up the handy drop down menu) and then on "Upload Pictures".

Now click on "Choose File", find the picture that you want to upload on your computer, select it, and hit the appropriate button in the file dialog - depending on your browser and language that might be "Save", "Open", "Grzblng", ... the one that doesn’t say "Cancel".
You can enter a caption as well if you want to, and you can make sure that only your friends see the picture by clicking on the "change" link in the "Privacy" line and selecting "Just Friends" from the dropdown list, or if you want this picture to be your main profile picture, check that "Avatar" checkbox. No, you can only have "Just Friends" or "Avatar", not both at the same time. Don’t be greedy!
Now hit that "Upload Picture" button, have a bit of patience, get redirected to your newly uploaded picture. Purty, innit?
How do I upload a picture or video to FetLife from my phone? (direct link)

Yes, you can upload pics to your FetLife profile from your phone!

How so?

Via email of course! Each one of you will be assigned a unique email address that you can use to email in pictures on the go to your FetLife profile. Just copy the address to your phone's address book, and then anytime you are balls deep in that bitch's ass and want to share some action stills with us - you can! :-)

You can upload more then one picture at a time by just attaching multiple pics to the email. Something you can't even do from the website. Subject == Picture Caption. Just write the picture caption in the subject line. Easy cheesy.

Some things you should know:

  • There is a 25MB limit on email size right. Depending on your phone, you should be good to send 5-10 pics in one email.
  • For security reasons, you need to send the email from the email address that is associated to your FetLife account. We wouldn't want just anyone posting pics to your profile would you! I didn't think so! :-p
  • Videos can't be uploaded directly, so feel free to send them to us for us to watch... I mean, to load for you!
  • The address you upload FROM has to be the one you used to sign up for the site. The address you upload TO is shown on your "upload a pic" page
  • If you're having problems, you can just email any pictures or videos you want posted on your profile to support@fetlife.com, and we will post them for you!
  • In the Subject line of the email, if you start with "Private:", the picture will be posted as Friends Only.  If you start with "Avatar:", it will be set as your avatar.
I am getting a "Content type" error when uploading a picture - what formats are allowed? (direct link)

Make sure the file extension of your picture is either: jpg, jpeg, gif, png or pjpeg. We accept gifs but we don't accept animated gifs, or bitmap images (.bmp).

If you can't figure out what the problem is send an email to support@fetlife.com with the image attached.  That way we can look into it for you, help find out what’s happening, and get you on your way to picture upload nirvana.

How can I add or edit the caption on a picture or video I've already uploaded? (direct link)

To add or edit a caption on a picture or a video that you’ve already uploaded, you follow a similar process. Click on the picture or video, which will enlarge the picture or take you to the playable video. Under the picture or video, you will see an "edit" link. Click "edit" and add or edit your caption. That’s it!

Can I re-order my pictures or videos, or put them into folders? (direct link)

Currently, you can't organize or re-order your pictures. We might offer the ability to do so in the future though. John is offering to do it especially for you for the low, low price of one full-time kinky Rails programmer...

How do I delete a picture or video I've uploaded? (direct link)

Click the picture or video you want to delete to get the larger version of the picture or playable version of the video. From that page, click on the "delete" link that you will find to the right of the picture or video. Once you confirm you want to delete the file presto, it is gone, gone, gone...

If the picture is your avatar and it is the only picture, our system now allows you to delete it as well.  Otherwise, you need to change your avatar to a different picture, then you can delete it.

How do I embed a video? (direct link)

It doesn't actually take any great programming talent to embed a video into your writing or group post. Hell, even John did it!

In your message, leave a blank line between your text and the link to the video you want to embed, and a blank line afterwards. Don't write on the line with the link. That's all!!!

For example, this will work:


This will not:

Here is another test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaXLtPGrTGQ

Embedded video only works for Writings and Group initial posts for now, not in comments.

Please note you need to use the WATCH link, not the EMBED link from youtube.

Can I embed a picture in a writing? (direct link)

Yes you can, as long as it is already on FetLife!  Just put in the link as a separate line, and the picture will be embedded in your writing.

Here's an example of an embedded picture in a writing: https://fetlife.com/users/1/posts/845098

The way this was typed into the writing was as follows:

Well... her and her man... but SBS is kind of hotter then @tatted_tater.

Check out what they posted:


How do I edit or delete my Writing? (direct link)
Got some second thoughts on that piece of prose you posted?  All it takes to edit or delete it is a few simple steps. Click on the writing you want to edit or delete.  Look on the right side of the page. You'll see a text link to edit the writing and just below that, another one to delete the writing. Just click on the appropriate link, confirm you want it saved or deleted, and it will be done.

If you want to add extra features to your writings, such as underlines, bold, different sized fonts, etc., check out the formatting guidelines at https://fetlife.com/formatting_guidelines.
I want to delete a comment I made. (direct link)
Unfortunately you can’t delete a comment you made on someone else’s picture, video, writing, status, or wall – but they can! So we suggest you contact the owner of the profile you commented on and ask them to remove your comment. If it was a comment you made in a group, you’d have to contact the group owner to see if they will delete it for you.
Can I set my Pictures, Videos, or Writing to Friends only? (direct link)

Yes, you can!  If you would like to make any of the Pictures, Videos or Writings you have uploaded here to FetLife, it's easy as pie and pie is good!

Anything you upload to FetLife defaults to the privacy setting "FetLifers" meaning everyone on FetLife who stumbles upon it can see it, unless you select the Privacy setting before uploading it.

If you would like to change it so that only those in your list of friends can see the picture, video or writing, look over on the right hand side partway down the page to find "PRIVACY"  Click on text link "edit" and select "Just Friends" and now only those who are in your friend's list can see it!

Why would I want to love stuff? (direct link)
When you click on the "love" button, it helps you do a few different things.

First, when you love something, your friends will see it on their feeds so this is a way to share stuff with them.

Loving stuff also acts like a way of bookmarking your favourite pictures, videos, and writings. You can see all the stuff you loved in your "Stuff You Love" page (click on your nickname in the FetLife header and then "Stuff You Love").

Finally, having tons of people love something in a short period of time is the only way for it to get on Kinky & Popular so if you want something to get on K&P, you are voting for it with your love.
Is my picture's metadata safe? (direct link)
We love privacy as much as we like spanking. So when you upload your hot ass pictures we will automatically strip the metadata. #privacy #stripping

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