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K&P crashed my browser! What's up with that? (direct link)
Odds are, you've got an older computer - usually using an older browser - and it just can't take all the luscious, delectable, kinky....  oh wait, you crashed, that wasn't nice.  Seriously, loading up to 5,000 different items on your computer can overload some older systems.  And since we're not willing to cut back on the amount of Kinky & Popular Fet we're sending out to others, there are currently two choices:
  1. Figure out how much your computer can handle - and don't go further down the screen than that.
  2. Try updating your browser to the newest version or using a different browser. We recommend Chrome or Safari.
How does my picture, video or writing make it on to K&P? (direct link)
Pictures, videos, and writings make it on to K&P based on an algorithm using the activity they've received over a 24 hour period.  Lots of activity in a very short time frame means it's "hot" - viral, almost!  (Nooooo jokes about STDs and K&Ps, now!)  Thresholds differ based on type (picture, video, and writing) and based on what else is making the list at the same time.

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