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Supporting FetLife

Does FetLife automatically re-bill me when my support is up? (direct link)

Nope, FetLife will never automatically re-bill or extend your support for you. Instead, we hope that if you like what we are doing around here you will re-support FetLife on your own.

I mailed in a donation, how long till you get it? (direct link)
Depends on where you are mailing it from, it could take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks, sometimes a bit more, before we receive it. Once we receive the payment we enter it into the system and you are automatically notified via email that we have done so.
P.S. Thanks for your support. It means a lot to us!
I just supported Fetlife, but I can’t see videos yet. (direct link)

First off, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sorry about that though :( Very rarely the transaction does not go through properly but it happens. We can help though!  If you look at your profile and don't see the sexy "I Support FetLife" badge on the right side of your profile near where the "Message Kinkster" button is after waiting 5 minutes, just email support@fetlife.com and we will make it right in a jiffy.

If you do not see the badge on your profile, try emptying your cache, deleting any temporary files and/or folders and resetting the browser. Once refreshed, try again, and see if it is still happening. If it is, email support@fetlife.com and we will fix you right up and get you perving with benefits in no time!

I want to support FetLife, but not show my badge (direct link)
So you love us and want to support us, but you don't want it to show on your profile that you do support us?  No problem!  You can hide your oh so spiffy support badge at any time and still enjoy all the premium benefits of supporting your favorite Kinky Social Networking site!

After you support us and your badge appears on your profile, just go to your nickname and click on it to access the drop down menu.  From there, click on "Update Settings" and click on the last tab "Payments"  You will see "settings" and a radio button to turn off the display of your Support FetLife badge, to ensure your privacy!
How do I know how long my support runs for? (direct link)
Believe it or not, you can check this yourself. :-)
Just click on your nickname to bring up the dropdown menu and select "Update Settings".  From there you will see several tabs, click on the last one, "Payments". This will tell you how long you have left as a supporter and your history of billing with us!

Here's a shortcut
Can I use Paypal to Support FetLife? (direct link)
Unfortunately, PayPal does not allow sites with adult content to use them. We learnt the hard way. We got banned 4 times. You can still support us via Postal Mail by checking out the "snail mail" tab on Our Support Page
How to gift support (direct link)
You're the best! :-)  Here is how you gift support to someone:

- Visit the profile of the person you want to gift to, and if they accept gifts, you will see a "Gift FetLife Support" link under the "Message Kinkster" button.

- Click the link and fill out the support form

Boom.  That's all it takes to treat a friend to the best gift this side of the milky way!

Can I use a credit card to Support FetLife? (direct link)
Unfortunately, the credit card companies closed down our accounts!  We're working with them to open the accounts back up, but we don't know when that will happen.  So currently you can't support us via credit cards.   You can still support us via other methods by checking out  Our Support Page.

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