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Tech Support

Adding an email address to your iPhone (direct link)

To use the upload photo function from your iPhone, you have to have your email address associated with your FetLife account on your iPhone. Hey, if your iPhone can't know that you're kinky, who can?

To add an email address to your iPhone:

  1. Tap on “Settings”
  2. Tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
  3. Under “Accounts”, Tap on “Add Account”
  4. Choose the vendor through which your email account works (For example, “Gmail”)
  5. Fill in form
  6. Tap “Next” - it verifies that all the information there is correct
  7. Tap on “Save” to allow the different information to your iPhone (For example, Mail, Calendar, Contacts)
Uploading a picture from your iPhone (direct link)

To send one of those wonderful pervy pics that you just snapped on your iPhone:

  1. From your photo, tap on screen once
  2. Tap on left most icon of arrow leaving a box
  3. Tap on “Email Photo”
  4. Fill in the “To:” field with the address from your home page
  5. Tap on “From:”, and choose the email address associated with your fetlife account.
  6. If you want a caption on your photo, enter it into the “Subject:” field
  7. Send your kinky photo for the FetLife world to see!
IE 9 Webroot Antivirus incompatability (direct link)

We've only had one report of this so far, but for the record:

Member was using IE9.  He reported that he was having problems upon login to Fetlife.  After he began disabling plug-ins, he found that his Webroot Antivirus, FetLife began working correctly.

IE 8 Compatability Issue with Friends Request (direct link)

The Fetlife development and caretaker teams both worked hard to come up with fixes to the Friends Request bug. Some of the hair lost there may never come back...

The first fixes happened pretty quickly - Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE) 9, etc., were fixed in short order (hours) by the development team. That left reports on IE 7 and 8. We don't support IE 7 - two versions of IE are difficult enough! But IE 8 was trickier, because we couldn't replicate it. Some of our wonderful creative members found short-term work-a-rounds for the bug, and many of you helped out in sending in screen shots, support details and more. We love kinky bug killers, and you guys helped slaughter this one! (Electric bug zappers were not required in the crushing of this bug, and no actual insects were harmed...)

Finally, one of our intrepid caretakers, using all this input, found the issue - it was with members using IE8 in compatibility mode. We've tested it with some of you, and this has solved the problem in all of those cases.

Here is what to do:

  1. Head over to your friend request page and you will see your the number of requests, but not the actual pending requests.
  2. Look on your Internet Explorer browser and click on "Tools" and from the drop down menu over on the right, look at "Compatibility View" and see if there is a check mark besides it.
  3. If you see one, click on "Compatibility View" to remove the check mark and the page should refresh. It should show your pending friend requests now.
  4. If it didn't fix the problem, look down in the bottom left hand corner of the page and there should be a yellow box. Click on it and copy and paste the text into an email for us and we can look further into it for you.
Supported Browsers (direct link)

Supported Browsers: (Includes newer versions of each unless otherwise noted)


  • Firefox 42+ 
  • Google Chrome 46+
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Edge 12+
  • Safari 8+
  • Android 4.4+
  • Safari 8+
  • Chrome 47+

If a member has an older browser then one listed above and FetLife is not working properly for them we recommend:

- On Windows: Upgrade to Chrome
- On Mac: Upgrade Safari or move to Chrome

Trolls in Fetlife don't work! (direct link)

Troll Emoticons, that is.  They are an extension in Chrome.  When you're using them, you're unable to click "Send" to comment on a page.   The box for text is gold instead of white, plus other info is missing.

Troll Emoticons V3 is a free Chrome extension that "use your favourite memes on sites like Facebook, Twitter, youtube, Google+, FunnyJunk, EbaumsWorld, and Memebase!"

Is there a mobile version of FetLife? (direct link)

FetLife has an open-sourced Android App!  Just head over to the linked page to see all it's features and how to install it on your Android device.  Find more on how to contribute to the Android project on Github here.

FetLife also has an open-source project for iOS devices as well.  Find more on how to contribute to the iOS project on Github here.

Apple OS upgrade issues (direct link)

A recent Apple OS update (*cough cough*) has caused a few settings to be changed on your Mac/Gadget (iPhone, iPad, etc.), which may be preventing you from logging into FetLife. To fix it, do the following: 1) Open the browser on your Mac/Gadget. 2) Go to the Settings 3) Look for "Allow Cookies" and change it to "Always Allow". While you're in the settings, clear your browser cache and history, then try logging in again. If you're still experiencing any problems, please contact support@fetlife.com

How do @ notifications work? (direct link)
If someone posts on your profile you will get an @ notification at the top of your page and in your https://fetlife.com/ats page.
-This includes things like comments on your pics, vids, writings and wall.
-It also includes loves on your pics, vids and writings.
-It does NOT include any group comments, even if someone writes @yourname or replies to a group thread you started.

So why do people type @yourname in the first place? It just makes the conversation easier to follow if there are a bunch of people. For example:
@person1 I agree with you totally
@person2 You're dead wrong!

@ing someone in a thread makes it clear who you are talking to but it does not give anyone a notification.
Why did I get locked out? (direct link)
You've tripped a trigger, and suddenly you're locked out of your profile with a Security message popping up!  Why did this happen?

Here's the most common reasons members get locked out of their profiles for security reasons, and how to fix it to get you back among your pervy friends:
  • Your cat sat on the keyboard.  Yeah, it happens!
  • Your browser suddenly started reloading the same page again and again and again.  It's a browser bug.  We suggest you update the browser to it's latest version.  If it's still happening, email support@fetlife.com.
  • You have "HoverZoom" installed.  HoverZoom doesn't play nice with FetLife - you have to actually uninstall it to stop the lockouts.
  • Sometimes browser extensions and add-ons can be a bit over-eager and appear malicious.  If you're getting locked out, we recommend uninstalling all your extensions and see if that stops it!  Then you can add them back one by one.

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